Welcome to Italy - Welcome to Lake Garda - Welcome to Mirasole Holiday Apartment

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Lake Garda Self Catering Accommodation - Toscolano Maderno

Contact Us: enquiries@lakegarda-selfcatering.com
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Welcome to Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy and welcome to Mirasole self catering holiday apartment. Welcome to a holiday of a lifetime. Breathe the magical air of Italy that enchanted even Napoleon Bonaparte's troops as they crossed the Alps; breathe the magical air and freshness of the Lake in all its splendour; absorb this sunbathed land. Let the sun seep down into your very being as the local grapes absorb the sun that gives strength and character to the wine they produce. Let it also give you that same strength, that same character, that same magical inebriation that allows you to forget the drudgery, the hardship, the dull routine of a year's work. Enter the world of your dreams as you relax under the palm trees in the garden sipping the nectar of the gods. Your holiday here will last but a few days but the memory will linger on as an eternal source of inspiration.

Lake Garda Maderno Ferry. Lake Garda Self Catering Accommodation Lake Garda self catering ApartmentThis sunbathed apartment on the western shore of Lake Garda, in the heart of the Lake Garda region, offers relaxing accommodation in the popular tourist town of Toscolano Maderno. This Lake Garda self-catering holiday apartment is only a level stroll from this world famous lake.

You will find this apartment a convenient place to relax and unwind from the stress of life. If you have children they will enjoy the freedom that the communal gardens provide. You will be able to sit and relax in the verdure of the garden in the shade of the palm trees. Sit and enjoy a quiet day's sunshine or the cool of the evening air sipping the typical wine of the Lake Garda area.

While you stay here you will soon discover the magical charms of Lake Garda, the enchanting strolls along the shores of the lake in the cool evening air or the exciting daytime bustle of life in the sunshine for which Italy is renowned. You will soon discover why tourists return year after year to absorb the magical charm that Lake Garda has to offer.

What is the magic of Lake Garda? Why do so many people flock to this enchanting area? What is it that tourists come to see that they cannot find at home? Why should you, visitor to this site, come here? You will soon find a variety of answers to these questions and many others that people have asked from time immemorial.

We hope that during your stay Lake Garda will cast its spell on you as it has on so many others before you. Lake Garda has something to offer everyone, children and adults alike.

You do not even need your own transport to visit the many towns and villages that are dotted around the lake. Children and adults alike will enjoy catching one of the many ferries that will take them from one shore to another, from one quaint town and village to another. Just let your body, soul and spirit be transported by the magic of the waters as they reflect the ever blue sky and bear you onward to an ever varied world of colour and warmth and charm.